Hi there. I am John – the founder and creator of this beautifully piece of food art information and meet my buddy – A. Jefry.

The idea of this portal comes to a second sight [after creating makanan.club] – For the love of tech and to avoid from forgetting what we have learnt in IT.

Foodstop.club is the second piece of art after creating makanan.club. Why we have this ? Basically – we believe lots of people from commercial and industrial sector till the home makers (home cooks) really need some help in organizing food directories and also reviews. By having this platform – hopefully it would help everyone by advertising here and enable them – from the commercial side until to a home maker which need to sell some of his or her food products.

As this might interest you, our funding of this portal comes with the clicking of ads hosted via our site and from our pockets. We didn’t on purpose saying that you must click on the ads, but by doing that – that will ease our pocket a little.

The idea of growing together is the most generous idea we ever crafted. Join us and we will tell more. Hope you will be blessed with great achievements and have a great day ahead.